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Will it hurt my uncle business if he uses flash for the site?

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Its a restaurant. I'm trying to convince him its a bad idea. I told him i was looking for a chinese restaurant with Google local search and found one but it was using flash so i went back and picked the one i could view to read the menu. So the one with flash lost my business. He said most phones have Flash, just not iPhone. I don't think he right, is he? I don't even think Android has it buts it coming i heard. Is there any data i could show him to convince him Flash is bad for his site? Do you have any input on this? 
asked Aug 3, 2015 in Windows 8 by Myat (120 points)

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It's changing and when you say most phones are flash enabled they are not. It's the browser in which you use to view a website needs to have the flash plugin installed and compatible to the browser or some browsers now have it built in.  Just look in the app store.

I don't like installing a plugin just to view a website with all the non-sense malware that is out. If I were a pontential client and visit your site and I have to add something to view the site , I will move on and go elsewhere.

Flash is out the door , but great for video streaming and has been fastastic since Macromedia created it.

But anyway for a personal or business website in my opinion use html 5 and css 3 (Standard now) . All updated browsers see this , it's responsive and will adapt to any device screens size and very interactive. And best of all it's amazingly fast.

If its a personal website or even business. I strongly suggest to make this easier use a content mamangement system. WORDPRESS or Joomla are my two favorites and free in a sense. It's much easier and reliable and so far IOS and Droid pull the website perfectly.

I know this is old and I am sorry . I'm just playing with scripts and adding content. I know people will agree with me on this.

But you are correct in my opinion.
answered Sep 30, 2015 by Zapmaster (520 points)
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