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Outlook 2007 sp3 email does not send with ATT SMTP No Erorrs

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Outlook 2007 sp3 email does not send with ATT email settings.

Seems like a common issue with 2007 with microsoft updates .

Outlook 2007 receives email and says it is sending email, but the email is still in bold letters in the outbound folder and does not send the email.
asked Dec 16, 2013 in Windows 7 by Zapmaster (520 points)

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This worked on 3 workstations that stopped working on the same day. This could also apply to other services, but ATT POP3 Email it did work with these specs:

Windows 7 x64 Pro with Office 2007 Sp3 Pro

If you know your settings are correct by the newer email settings, which you can check here at ATT's website.

Keep going...

If you did the settings correctly it should give you no errors sending and receiving dialog box. But the email is still picking its nose in outbound.

Easiest way to check is to put outlook into safe mode and send an email. If it sends, no more calling ATT support. I’m pretty sure it will work.

Hold down Ctrl key and double left click on outlook icon to put outlook into safe mode.

In Outlook 2007 SP3 go to Tools menu dropdown and drill down to Trust center.

Find and click Add-Ins

You should see all active and non-active add-ins. It could be any of the add-ins listed with a check mark, and it’s a trial an error process. It’s pretty quick though.

Try unchecking the SharePoint add-in first and then close outlook and launch normally.

 I got lucky and the email sent without issues and still working.

(If this worked for yah lmk , so it helps others with the same issue. Thx)



answered Dec 16, 2013 by Zapmaster (520 points)
Issue with outlook 2007 not sending email with just about any email service provider after windows updates is the add-on SharePoint.  Disable and it will fix it if your settings are correct.
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